Pharmacy Jobs – What It’s All About

Types of Pharmacy Jobs in the Industry

There are many types of pharmacy jobs with a high need for medical professionals. Whether you are geared towards becoming a certified pharmacy technician, or a licensed pharmacist in your state, or even abroad, there are a variety of options to choose from in different medical environments. Browse the positions below and get a feel for the duties of each professional in the field. With an understanding of the different types of pharmacist and pharmacy jobs, you will be able to map out your future and become the professional you always wanted to.

Community pharmacists are the most common type found today. Operating in drugstores, supermarkets and retail stores, they fill prescriptions for the community along with monitoring over the counter medications for recalls and inventory. Because they deal directly with patients, it is important to have people skills and an eye for detail.

A hospital pharmacist is responsible for the purchase, dispensing, and quality testing of medications used in the facility. In this platform, pharmacists are generally responsible for advising doctors and nurses in the selection of the right medication. They will also give patients advice in all aspects of their prescribed medication. Because of increased responsibility, a hospital pharmacist can expect higher pay.

An industrial pharmacist works directly with pharmaceutical professionals and scientists. Their role is to assist in the process of finding new ways and medications to combat diseases as well as ways to improve and streamline the manufacturing process of existing medications. A regulatory pharmacist will work for government bodies dedicated to protecting public health. They will regulate drug companies and guarantee manufacturing processes are safe for the public.

An academic pharmacist is a veteran in the field and will spend approximately half of their time working in an operational pharmacy with the other half dedicated to teaching and lecturing. With an deep knowledge of existing and new drugs, these professionals are well respected in the industry and make a significant impact.

As you can see there are a variety of different jobs in the industry and while they are all connected, each is quite different and requires some deep thinking in order to figure out what direction you would ultimately like to go in. The environment you work in will depend on your personality and skills. While each requires some form of interpersonal skills, with the right knowledge most can succeed at whichever position they put their mind to.

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